• Acid Pauli
    Acid Pauli

    Acid Pauli

    Acid Pauli is Martin Gretschmann’s club oriented live set that has morphed over the years into an advanced DJ performance, incorporating not only techno and house but a wide variety of music across all genres beyond dance music, without ever losing sight of the dance floor itself. 


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  • Pampero Rum Beach Lounge  

    Pampero Rum Beach Lounge

    Need a break from busting your moves on the floor? Come to Robinson Beach Lounge presented by Pampero for an ice-cold Rum drink of your choice with a perfect view on the sunset - and sunrise.

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  • Lighthouse                 DAYSTAGE  

    Lighthouse DAYSTAGE

    On the tip of Lanterna island, you will witness everlong waters and everlasting sounds - from 6am till 11pm. It's the center of our daytime happenings, dont forget your swimsuit!

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    We will transform this beautifuly preserved marvel of 70's architecture into a hot arena flooded with glowing light, to shine bright on our festivals side programmes DISH TENNIS (Friday night) and Heineken Champions League Screening (Saturday night).

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    In the middle of the island is situated the so called "Zodiak" entertainment center with its original 70s charme. On the underground basement will be hosted THE ROLLERDISCO. Be surprised.

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  • Zodiak Club - MAIN NIGHT VENUE  

    Zodiak Club - MAIN NIGHT VENUE

    This club room with a capacity of 900pax will be your indoor party spot all night long. Enjoy special visual art by lichterloh.tv

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    We invite you to swim and dance. Lighthouse festival will also host an outdoor floor directly at the beach. This is the perfect alternative to the headlining main floor (DAYSTAGE) listening and chillin to the sound of our invited crews.

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  • Cityfox
  • Burek
  • Leap Records
  • Praterei Records

    Praterei Records

  • Wup Wup
  • FM 4
  • Resident Advisor
  • Groove Magazine

    Groove Magazine

  • DE:Bug Magazine

    DE:Bug Magazine

  • Vice Magazine

    Vice Magazine

    http://Vice Magazine
  • VJ Collective Lichterloh.tv
    VJ Collective Lichterloh.tv

    VJ Collective Lichterloh.tv

    More info about their art concept and stage design coming soon.

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  • Lichtschalter.tv


  • The Gap Magazine

    The Gap Magazine

  • Pratersauna Vienna

    Pratersauna Vienna

  • Harry Klein
  • Tanzen ist auch Sport
  • Dish Tennis
  • Smirnoff Vodka

    Smirnoff Vodka

  • Makava
  • Lanterna Island  

    Lanterna Island

    “Visually stunning” would be a total understatement. The peninsula, with its fine pebble beaches and silky turquoise waters provides the perfect spot for blissful endlessness.

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    Detailed content will be announced soon.

  • Red Bull Music Academy Stage
    Red Bull Music Academy Stage

    Red Bull Music Academy Stage

    More info coming soon.


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  • Animal Trainer
    Animal Trainer

    Animal Trainer

    It has always been the great artist duos that really turned the wheels of cultural history: Ying and Yang, Laurel and Hardy, Siegfried and Roy. The latter’s connection to ANIMAL TRAINER definitely can’t be denied. While Siegfried and Roy might be taming white tigers though, ANIMAL TRAINER are specialising in black vinyl and the dancing crowd.


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  • Ben Pearce
    Ben Pearce

    Ben Pearce

    To many, Ben Pearce’s name is synonymous with ‘What I Might Do’, his oddly anthemic deep-house debut that dominated club floors across the world in 2012, whilst garnering support from the likes of Jamie Jones, Heidi and Pete Tong. Whilst this is an easy correlation to make (the track went platinum in Europe after all), those who have followed him since the beginning can testify that he is so much more than that, and the coming months will definitely see him come into his own.


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  • LHF _PIRATES Kids Club  

    LHF _PIRATES Kids Club

    Europes 1st electronic music festival with its own kids care & entertainment programme including family package (4star hotel with kids bed).

    Further information coming out soon.
    For enquiries pls. get in contact with us: pirates@lighthousefestival.tv

  • Pampero


  • HVOB live
    HVOB live

    HVOB live

     Within the space of two years, HVOB have not only established themselves within the international music scene by way of their releases, but also as a live-act. The duo strictly plays live and invariably performs with a drummer.   

    HVOB played in 20 countries in the past year alone; at CTEMF in Cape Town, the Berlin Festival or SXSW in Austin.   

    The conceptual framework of ‘Trialog’ will also be translated into a live-show. In cooperation with lichterloh and Clemens Wolf, HVOB have developed an audio-visual experience, and will embark on their first world tour this year. Next to Europe, dates in Central and North America, Africa and Asia are already confirmed.   


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    Probably Europe's one of the most beautiful artist and press areas. We welcome our special guests with an original ligthouse, garden area around and own luxury bathrooms to use.

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  • FAZE
  • Dj KOZE
    Dj KOZE

    Dj KOZE

    So let’s go back to where it all began. It's the mid 1990’s and DJ Koze was slowly working his way up through the German Hip-Hop scene. Together with his band Fischmob and their breakthrough German chart hit full-length “Power”, the act found their way into the German pop charts and a ravenous, leftfield minded fan-base. But though DJ Koze had a taste of pop success with Fischmob, he was keeping a keen ear towards experimenting with other  forms of electronic music, whether it be ambient and break beats to wild sound collages from a myriad of musical genres. 


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  • Volume Magazine

    Volume Magazine

  • Wurstsalon
  • Festival.hr
  • Indie Magazine

    Indie Magazine

  • Zenker Brothers
    Zenker Brothers

    Zenker Brothers

    Dario and Marco are not just brothers, they run the record label Ilian Tape, they make music together as Zenker Brothers, they hang out and they hustle hard in Munich city. 


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  • LHF PIRATES Kids Entertainment Area  

    LHF PIRATES Kids Entertainment Area

    The 4star hotel offers a various kids entertainment park with baby pool, funny playground and much more. Thats why we offer for all young dancing parents an almost 24hrs kids care and programme. For more info write pirates ⟨at⟩ lighthousefestival.tv.

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  • Farbe am Morgen
  • tportal.hr
  • Techno Sonntag
  • Jacbri.com
  • Tatendrang
  • Peng!
  • Secret Venue  

    Secret Venue

    To be announced by word of mouth at the festival.

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    Start the day with a cafe and surfing internet while listening to the LHF compilation.

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  • LHF BOAT  


    No croatian festival without a boat party. So we do on Friday for sunset and Saturday for late afternoon. Buy your boat party tickets extra on top online while booking the festival package. Limited capacity, be fast.

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    Directly situated between the nice stony way from daystage to beach floor. you will find and love it.

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  • Die Vögel live
    Die Vögel live
  • hunger Audio

    hunger Audio

  • VMVA Music Group

    VMVA Music Group


    more Info >

    All Early Bird Tickets are sold out. All EU members are only able to book over our own online booking tool. All prices are including festivalpass (fr-sun) & 2 Nights Accomodation.

    For all EXYU (HR, SLO, etc.) member citizens (ID/passport control) we offer reduced tickets at the entry of the venue.

    More info coming soon.



    This could be one of the highlights, hidden somewhere on the island. For 4hrs we open the exclusive LHF villa (by the way, all are so far sold out) for a very exclusive party including a mini pool.

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  • The Revenge
    The Revenge

    The Revenge

    Scottish producer Graeme Clark aka The Revenge’s gift for crafting forward-thinking and inspiring cuts continues to be at the forefront of his musical attributes, although his work pays fitting tribute to the past.



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  • LHF Preparties
    LHF Preparties

    LHF Preparties

    Upcoming LHF preparties:

    20.02. | Vienna | Pratersauna | David August live
    14.03. | Klagenfurt | stereo | Austrian Apparel live
    04.04. | Dornbirn | Dachboden | HVOB & Soundterrasse Showcase
    24.04. | Graz | Postgarage | HVOB live & Dizzy Womack
    25.04. | Munich | Kong | HVOB live & Kong Residents with Dish Tennis Tournament
    25.04. | Vienna | Grelle Forelle | Martin Buttrich & Pratersauna Residents

    Update yourself about latest preparties on our Facebook site.

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  • Massimilano Pagliara
    Massimilano Pagliara

    Massimilano Pagliara

    Born in Tricase (Lecce, Italy), in the deep south of Italy. Even as a child, he was always listening to diverse types of music: rap, classical, reggae, dub, and 60’s rock and roll. Hailing from this small village, he and his friends created a little musical world onto themselves, spending almost every day playing records in his basement and at private parties.


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  • LHF Artproject
    LHF Artproject

    LHF Artproject

    More info coming soon.

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  • salute


    Being only 17, salute has a long way ahead. This doesn't change the fact that his music is cutting-edge and bears quite the sound signature. After his first meanderings in drum & bass music, Viennese producer salute gradually became more and more influenced by the influx of bass music coming from the UK. His parameters changed to circa 140 beats per minute and he proceeded to jump onto the fast moving train that is the world wide web. His productions are discreet but not too modest, he knows his way with intricate drums and synths and uses elements of RnB and soul music with finesse. It did not take long for his remix of high-on-demand Parisian producer Stwo's smooth rnb roller 'Virgo' featuring Shay Lia to hit the blogosphere, elevating his profile to new heights of online popularity. 



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  • Wolfram
  • Tiger & Woods live
    Tiger & Woods live

    Tiger & Woods live

    Here’s how they met: One day in a fairly dusty basement (digging for records of course), these two fine gentlemen nearly got into a fight over a nameless boogie record which is so rare (super rare!) that even the usual disco detectives hadn’t discovered it yet. 


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  • Red Bull Music Academy

    Red Bull Music Academy

  • Schwarzes Herz
  • Legowelt live
    Legowelt live

    Legowelt live

    Danny Wolfers is truly one of a kind - a producer and performer who spans many different scenes with ease and always in his own unique style a world away from the usual hype or trends of any given day. What's more, rarely does a year go by when he doesn't release an essential album. Most frequently producing as Legowelt, his unique style comes form an unfaltering devotion to hardware, be it old, new or totally knackered. Jamming all day long on music making toys, his output veers from dense and foresty techno to whizzing electro, deeper electronic and stuff for which there isn't even a name yet. Clone, L.I.E.S., Creme Organization, Peoples Potential Unlimited, you name it, they have all come calling for the man's music. Quite simply the guy is an artist and musical force that cannot be stopped.


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  • Lil Louis
    Lil Louis

    Lil Louis

    Lil Louis is an internationally acclaimed and recognised artist, producer, songwriter, author and director often credited as one of the founding fathers of house music. Born Louis Burns, he is the son of a legendary blues artist, Bobby Sims, who first got into electronic music when stepping in to DJ at a party his mother set up for rival gangs in Chicago.


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  • Vril live
    Vril live

    Vril live

    Seemingly out of nothing, through dust and with no bang, Vril appeared on the scene. His music made such beautiful noise that it instantly found his place on Marcel Dettmann’s selection for his Conducted cd and on Ostgut’s release schedule. His sound is a search for the evergoing movement, exploring a never stopping energy. Once he catches you in his groove it will shine so bright you won’t be able to escape it.


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  • Waeves
  • Hive Audio
  • Globalize Yourself
  • Live Lasersystems
  • Coco Wasabi
  • SKIR