Alex Ranerro
Alex Ranerro is a DJ / producer from Slovenia. He always listened to various musical genres, gaining musical perspective from the early hip-hop records, soulful R&B tracks to a bit more classical house music anthems. That slowly lead to discovering electronic music and the production side of it.

Alex quickly found his passion for creating tracks, which allowed him to express himself in a unique way. His music can be found on labels such as PIV, Blind Vision Dubs, HouseOnWax, MyHouse YourHouse, Bondage Music, Sintope and others. His earlier productions were a bit more peak-time orientated which slowly developed into deep/dub mood while still maintaining his signature groove. His music was supported by some of the best artists in the industry such as Janeret, Burnski, NTFO, Andrey Pushkarev, Archie Hamilton, Cinthie, Chris Stussy, Mihai Popoviciu and Steve Bug just to mention few.

In 2016, Alex co-founded SOLVD, an electronic music magazine and platform that encourages meaningful content created in the Balkans and beyond. With monthly SOLVD residency at Ljubljana’s finest underground club K4, Alex manages to grow as an artist alongside international talents such as Janeret, Varhat, Michael James, Sakro, Lowris, Giammarco Orsini just to mention a few.

Alex’s musical output is embossed by his versatility as a music producer and DJ and cannot be pinned down to a single genre. Some of his own productions go way deeper, others are more targeted at the peak time, but there is a constant to all of them; it has got to be groovy and it needs emotion. Follow him on his musical journey.
15th Feb –
22nd Feb
15th Feb – 22nd Feb