Doudou MD
Currently one of the most in-demand selectors of Amsterdam, with upcoming performances at Dimensions Croatia, the Pine stage at Unum Albania, the Loft in Manchester and Breakfast Club Amsterdam.

Born from a Dutch classical singer/pianist player and a Congolese percussionist drummer, it comes as no surprise that the art of playing music literally runs through her veins. Her mostly vinyl sets are 90's UK/US/DE inspired, supported by strong percussion, rhythms and a spiritual touch. Always aiming to engage in a conversation with her crowd, dancing to her sets will release that inner gangster gut feeling in you. Body focused, voluptuous house and techno at its best.

Doudou MD strongly believes music has the power to heal and serve as a medicine, which is one of the main reasons music has always been at the core of her life. Following her ears and heart when digging for new records, her bag is constantly being re-filled with a rich variety of music. Although the rhythms and genre of her selection may vary, the constant factor is her unmistakable love for every track she lays on the record player. After spending her early (club)years in Utrecht and Amsterdam, surrounded by her forever cherished Slapfunk and VBX brothers, she spent 5 years in Berlin. Here clubs like Berghain, Hoppetosse and Ohm played a big influence on her musical and personal developments. She takes much of her inspiration from artist like Zip, Roman Flu╠łgel, Paul Johnson, as well as Steve O’Sullivan and Mr. G.

Back in Amsterdam today, never taking the experience of the dance floor lightly, she fine-tuned her view of the ultimate club experience all over the world. Perfecting this craft is a never ending process, making her upcoming gigs all the more interesting for both crowd and artist.
Thursday 15th Feb
Thu, 15.02. / 12:29
15th Feb –
22nd Feb
15th Feb – 22nd Feb