David Götting
At Lighthouse, we have the advantage of cooperating with a partner who is heavily invested in sustainable tourism. Valamar provides most of the infrastructure needed to stage a clean festival.

Our event avoids almost all waste of a camping festival, and also a large part of the materials used to set up a temporary site.

The entire peninsula runs on green electricity, and the waste is sorted at the in-house landfill.This strong foundation allows us to target more specific topics, such as:
  • implementing our own initiatives in Valamars' food and beverage logistics (e.g., reusable cups & cup deposit system). 
  • minimization of transport emissions through on-site storage facilities, with a special focus on recycling of decoration materials.
  • travel of guests / employees / artists (ride sharing, charter buses)
  • waste prevention on site (portable ashtrays, cup deposit, ban on useless giveaways, trash-collecting challenge)

 net-negative emissions approach 2030: planting mangrove forests in cooperation with Blue Life



In the 3 past years they have invested more than 13 million euro in green initiatives under their corporate social responsibility program. These and other efforts have reduced emissions by 70% since 2013 alone.

The whole Lanterna peninsula is powered by renewables and they have electric car chargers at most of their destinations, including the Tamaris Resort at LHF.

Valamar operates their own landfill on Lanterna peninsula. After collection the waste gets correctly sorted, then recycled or disposed. Of course, separating your waste correctly beforehand helps them a lot.

Valamar provides you with useful information on how to protect the environment with handouts at your respective accommodation. Please take note of that as well.If you want to read more on Valamar and their strategy, go HERE

29th May –
2nd Jun
29th May – 2nd Jun