After years of extensive location scouting, we are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited moment has arrived. In line with our motto, "Electronic Music on Vacation," we have discovered the ideal setting for our inaugural LIGHTHOUSE 'Winter Edition.'

Nestled in a picturesque mountain valley to the south of Salzburg, we have stumbled upon a Wes Anderson-inspired wonderland featuring Belle Epoque architecture, pristine powder snow slopes, and top-tier wellness facilities—a blend that once captivated even the K&K Royals of centuries past. Our chosen destination is none other than BAD GASTEIN, often referred to as the "Monaco of the Alps." This enchanting ghost town has a unique ability to ignite dreams and fantasies, leaving artists, royalty, and nature enthusiasts awe-inspired.

From Thursday, January 25th, to Sunday, January 28th, we invite you to join us for a three-day event that will include performances at various locations within the city center and up in the mountains. The festival's hub, where much of the action will unfold, is the renowned GRAND EUROPE hotel. This iconic establishment will serve as both a Music Floors & Art Space and a key visual reference, drawing parallels to the world-famous film "The Grand Budapest."

Alongside the musical experiences, expect après-ski gatherings, nighttime raves, delectable food pop-ups, and thrilling night sledding adventures. Stay tuned for further details—we will be sharing more information soon.
25th Jan –
28th Jan
25th Jan – 28th Jan