Introducing an exciting addition to our event lineup! In February 2024, we will embark on a new collaborative project set on a picturesque island, where we'll infuse Zanzibar with an unforgettable festival atmosphere.

Expect a week filled with intimate gatherings at stunning spots, good music by our invited headliner, and the company of friends to hang out. Undoubtedly, the most anticipated event of the year for all of us will be the Sandbank Party. This unique spot is accessible only by boat when the tide is low; at high tide, the location simply disappears.

Join us for a week of summer vibes when its winter time in Europe, just before we head to our festival in South Africa. For this special reason we are partnering with our friends from BUTIK Festival and WhyNot Club to make the experience even more thrilling.

The action unfolds in Paje and Jambiani, Zanzibar - two small towns in the island's south. 
In contrast to the more upscale and touristy north, this area is chill, vibrant, and a hub for music lovers and kite surfers.

For a ride from the airport to Paje, a taxi is your best bet. 
As the gathering nears, we'll form a group for attendees to share taxis. 
Plus, we'll share tips to ensure your travel goes off without a hitch.


15th Feb –
22nd Feb
15th Feb – 22nd Feb