What began as a series of raves in Vienna, Austria, gave birth to an atmosphere, a spirit that still inspires us today. Over the last 10 years, Lighthouse has gone beyond what we thought was possible. Starting with the desire to transplant our special energy and crowd from Vienna to a beach location, a team of 10 people with almost no production experience but big ambitions took the first step in 2013. Our vision has grown steadily and we have now staged over 20 editions of our festival on 2 continents. 

Along the way we've made many friends, expanded our family and received so much love that we consider ourselves very lucky. The festival lives from you and your loyalty and enthusiasm. But after 10 years, we have come to a point where we want to reinvent ourselves to fulfill the vision to become a global network:

What you see here is the new face of our newly invented umbrella brand LIGHTHOUSE. A dynamic think tank based in Vienna with strong ties to Munich, at the forefront of digital creativity in sound, music and audiovisual art. Our mission is to showcase original artists and provide an exploratory outlet for diverse audiences. Our flagship event is the Lighthouse Festival in Croatia, which since 2014 has grown into an international hub for avant-garde programming, without losing the dedicated boutique positioning expressed in our claim "electronic music on holiday". Over the years, we've showcased renowned and emerging talents, presented premieres and facilitated fruitful exchanges between artists, professionals and the public. 

Beyond the flagship festival in Croatia, LIGHTHOUSE has been steadily expanding its sphere of influence. In 2018, we launched the Lighthouse Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, marking a significant milestone in our journey, followed by a Johannesburg leg (starting in 2019) and a Zanzibar Gathering (to be launched in February 2024 together with our friends from the Butik festival). Our goal ist still to bridge the Central European scene with the global one, which has led to various initiatives such as showcases, tours and international editions of our festival brand. In addition to the aforementioned editions, we plan to establish our first winter edition in the belle-epoque ski resort of Bad Gastein (AUT) as a permanent fixture in our festival calendar.